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Minicast: Survival of the Fittest

November 26th, 2016

Happy Thanksgiving everyone!

On this special Thanksgiving themed edition of Three Way Theater the gang talks about the best part of Thanksgiving from back in the day-- The WWF Survivor Series! Jake has devised a fantasy warfare tournament featuring the best teams from the 80s and 90s competing against each other to determine the best Survivor Series of all-time.  Will you agree? Who do YOU think is greatest Survivor Series of all-time?

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Episode #008: Kayfabe

November 14th, 2016

Work the gimmick brother!

On the latest episode of Three Way Theater Mike, Lumberjake, and JC review the 2007 Canadian mockumentary Kayfabe, starring the real life wrestlers of the ECCW and the final days of the fictitious TCICWF. The gang breaks down this very real look behind the indy wrestling curtain while also going over some fun Three Way Theater stats and JC's inability to say Josh Hartnett. All this and so much more on Episode #8 of Three Way Theater!

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Minicast: Much Ado About Nothing

November 9th, 2016

It's a brand new month and a rare chance for everyone to kick back, relax, and sift through all the crazy stuff happening in the world over the last few weeks since our Halloween episode. There's absolutely no way this minicast was recorded before Pro Wrestlers vs. Zombies.

The boys recount the insane 2016 Presidential Election, Jake tries to push Salad Fingers on everyone,  Mikey talks a little about our time in the world of indy wrestling, and JC discusses his favorite bad guy from the Attitude Era.

Kick back, have a Xanax, and enjoy a little Three Way Theater!