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Minicast: Return of the Ham

February 20th, 2017

It's the one where Mike Paiva forgets to bring the movie, so we just have some drinks and BS about BS. Jake gives us another trivia game challenge as Mikey and JC guess the hometowns of their favorite wrestlers while JC brings up all the wrestling TV episodes that will need to be reviewed.

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Episode #12: Mad Bull

February 6th, 2017

An embittered professional wrestler, convinced that his life has no meaning outside the ring, meets a beautiful woman. Unlike most of the women he has known, she seems to be interested in him for himself rather than his fame or his money, and he finds himself becoming attracted to her.

ALTERNATE TAKE: A burly professional wrestler falls in love with a caring woman who helps convince him to abandon his vengeful search for the one who murdered his brother in this drama. 

Which synopsis better fits the 1977 TV Movie Mad Bull? Somewhere comfortably in the middle. Luckily for you Three Way Theater breaks everything down in this hidden gem starring football player/part-time wrestler/Webster's dad Alex Karras as the titular Mad Bull.

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