Episode #26: TGITWT

Thank goodness it’s TWT!

Mike, Lumberjake, and JC return to the world of television this week on Three Way Theater when they revisit some of the very offbeat pro wrestling episodes from ABC’s famous TGIF lineup, in addition to Netflix’s Full House revival Fuller House.

First up is the Family Matters episode "Psycho Twins", guest starring the lovable Bushwhackers… well lovable until they find out Carl is a COP. Step by Step steps into the squared circle with "Beautiful Ladies of Wrestling", or BLOW as Patrick Duffy directs an episode of TV where he’s thrown around the ring while wearing drag. The boys then review the 2nd wrestling episode from Boy Meets World with "Sixteen Candles and Four Hundred Pound Men" featuring Big Van Vader, Jake the Snake Roberts and a special appearance from Brother Love! Finally the crew jumps forward a couple decades to Fuller House, where the grown up DJ Tanner (Fuller) saves her dumbass kid via lucha libre and Stephanie Tanner is revealed to be an indy smart mark.

Family Matters, Step By Step, & Boy Meets World are all currently streaming on Hulu while Fuller House is available on Netflix!

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SPECIAL THANKS to Chris Thompson for his amazing medley of TGIF themes A Capella style we used in this episode's intro. Check out his YouTube channel for all of his great work. And of course big ups to Trebuchet Band for their rendition of the Step by Step theme, which we used previously for our Slammed episode.

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