Episode #27: Atomic Blue

A MOVIE FOR KID'S OF ALL AGES. a nostalgic tribute to the ever popular Mexican wrestling movies of the 50's and 60's. Fast Mexican wrestling action, colorful costumes, and a positive message for kids of all ages. Atomic Blue is an every man; a person among us who personifies heroism in the small actions and gestures of respect, fair play and honesty.

The Mexican wrestler is both a statement and an icon. Where a mask shields, it also points to the reinvention of humanity. The masked wrestler is a shape shifter, a messenger and a prophet. Atomic Blue: Mexican Wrestler, aside borrowing from the symbolism and history of modern Mexican mythology, is intended to be a fun film.

Intended or not, trust us when we say Atomic Blue: Mexican Wrestler is not a fun film.

Well, that's not entirely true.

Take a listen to the latest episode of Three Way Theater as JC, Mikey, and that scamp Lumberjake look at this bizarre relic of the mid-90s and this love letter (????) to Lucha Libre Wrestling and El Santo. Plus Mexican Elvis is there, and he's pretty cool.

Atomic Blue: Mexican Wrestler is available for purchase on Amazon for only $2. If you look hard enough on YouTube you'll also find a full version of the movie there. For legal reasons, we won't be linking the video. But seriously, go check it out.

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