While we had the best of intentions to record a Best in Show this past week (sorry Adam!), things didn't end up going our way. Luckily for us recent inductee into the New England Pro Wrestling Hall of Fame Beau Douglas was hanging about, and foolishly agreed to let us interview him.

Our main goal was to discuss Beau's appearance on the 1999 episode of MTV's True Life: I'm a Pro Wrestler, but we soon began talking about his training with Walter 'Killer' Kowalski, the real star of the MTV reality doc "Mr. USA" Tony Atlas (and Dawna!), the early differences between MA wrestling and RI wrestling, the ECW "Mass Transit" incident, who's handsy in wrestling,  and so much more!

Beau was even gracious enough to answer one of Three Way Theater's long standing questions, but you'll have to wait until the very end of the episode to get this rumor resolved.

With special appearances from Channing Thomas Timmy Thunder and Brian Cairo, this is our most packed Minicast yet (and the closest we'll probably ever get to doing a live show)!


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